A slice of Spanish-themed quiche

I am rubbish at pastry. Well, I have always said I am rubbish at pastry, but then maybe that’s not fair for a number of reasons. I’ve only ever made my own pastry a couple of times (once for the lemon meringue pie you’ll find elsewhere on the blog) – I’ll confess for savoury pies I normally cheat and buy a couple of sheets of Jus-Rol puff… So I can hardly say I have had a lot of practice, but oh no, never let rationality stand in the way of my wanting to be brilliant at everything right away.

The main problem I tend to have when making shortcrust pastry is that there never seems to be enough of the damn stuff to line the bottom of the tin and the sides without rolling it so paper thin that it tears when I lift it over the tin. I know pastry is meant to be thin, but I think in future I might make double what any recipe calls for and freeze whatever is left over.

It was with a little bit of trepidation, then, that I decided to have a crack (no pun intended) at making my first quiche. I knew what I wanted to do with the filling and kind of made it up as I went along. Inspired by a Nigella recipe for chicken with chorizo and potatoes, I cooked up some red onion and chorizo and put it all in the lined pastry tin with some cold chicken bits, some grated cheese and 5 large eggs, whisked. For the pastry I used a recipe from the Great British Bake Off series two cookbook.



Of course the pastry tore when I was lining the tin, so I had to do a bit of a patch-up job, but it turned out pretty well I think. Not a soggy bottom in sight! And it tasted great, especially the chorizo (is there anything better than chorizo that has been fried and has maybe even caught a little? Mmmm…)


The perfect comfort food for this miserable August weather (srsly – did anybody order an apocalypse?) with flavours that will make you think of Spanish sun… And might well drive you to book a last minute holiday. Adios!



Clueless Cupcakes – A Classic Turns 20

Yesterday marked the twentieth anniversary of one of my all-time favourite movies, Clueless. To mark the occasion, I wrote a little post about it on my fashion site which you can read here and we also had a few friends – gay men, obvs – around to watch the movie, reminisce about our formative years and eat some cakes. Well, any excuse.

I thought everyone had seen this movie, until one of my best friends confessed to being a Clueless virgin. Of course we popped that cherry yesterday, but anyone who has seen it knows that a lot of the fun and humour and a lot of what makes the film unique is the dialogue and the phrases it launched into our collective pop culture consciousness – ‘As if!’ and ‘Whatever’ can’t help but strike up memories of Alicia & co. So, for yesterday’s fiesta I decided to make Clueless cupcakes and decorate them with those two exact phrases.



These are vanilla cupcakes, iced with vanilla frosting, both from the Hummingbird cookbook. I split the batch of frosting in two and dyed half of it yellow using food dye and decorated the ‘Whatever’ cakes in checks with Sainsbury’s glitter icing pens in purple and blue. Cher Horowitz did love herself some checks –




To make the letters, I used Sainsbury’s pink ready-to-roll (with the homies) icing, which I rolled out thin and then cut flower shapes out of with a cutter. I wrote each letter with the same icing pens as above and used a palette knife to carefully place the flowers on each cake.


We put together a little afternoon tea – sandwiches, scones (more of the Babington Scones from last week) and, of course, some fizz.


I’m not sure why this film had such a big impact on me growing up. I was 14 when it came out and I remember pretty vividly going to see it at the cinema and then dragging my next door neighbour to see it with me a second time (he was a couple of years older, straight, and not particularly enamoured with it for some reason… ) I loved Cher (Horowitz, the heroine, although I do love her namesake – ‘a famous singer from the past who now does infomercials’). She was pretty, popular, lived in Beverly Hills and had an incredible wardrobe (both its contents and the wardrobe itself – oh, how I yearned for a computerised closet with revolving rails.) This movie was big and camp and funny, with a great soundtrack and a character I wanted to be friends with, or wanted to be (I remember I had a pair of yellow checked shorts and a yellow T-shirt… I think I wore them a lot in 1995…)

The truth is, I was exactly like Cher in one particular way – I was just totally Clueless. I loved this movie because I was a gay teen and everything about this film appealed to that part of me – and that blew me away. It would just take me a few years to realise that.

See Recipes for all the details – enjoy! x